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Divorce Financial Assessment


A divorce financial assessment provides practical help as you contemplate divorce. It brings clarity about the financial life that may await afterwards. The services illustrate the financial realities of your specific situation. You leave well informed before making the life-altering decision of divorce.

We review information about your past and current finances. We also analyze possible scenarios and limitations for the future. Additionally, we discuss the big financial risks if you were to file for divorce. You develop balanced, down-to-earth expectations, so that the decision to divorce or stay is one with which you are at peace.

If a divorce is filed, we are able to continue helping you throughout the divorce process, preparing you for the life that awaits afterwards. We would review new information as it is provided. We would analyze and update scenarios and limitations as your case progresses. Lastly, we would work to mitigate the big financial risks.

Even if you are already amidst the divorce process, unless it is final, you still have the opportunity to prepare for your post-divorce financial life.

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Alternative Dispute Resolution


We also offer alternative dispute resolution services (“ADR”). We have a Tennessee Supreme Court Rule 31 listed family mediator on staff, who is also trained as a collaborative divorce professional. Mediation and collaborative divorce are both effective methods for successful ADR. Using either of these methods, divorcing spouses can settle amicably outside the courtroom in a private and confidential manner.




Mediation is a moderated negotiation. The spouses and their respective attorneys each convene in separate rooms. Under the direction of a neutral mediator, each spouse discusses his or her perspective confidentially apart from the other spouse. The mediator identifies points of agreement and points of disagreement, and facilitates communication between the two rooms. The goal is to negotiate a marital dissolution agreement and parenting plan in a single day.


Collaborative Divorce


Collaborative divorce is a cooperative approach that relies on problem-solving to reach a mutually beneficial agreement. It concentrates on holistically defining and addressing potential obstacles of both spouses and their children. Collaborative divorce is not trying to “win” an advantage over the other spouse.

It involves forming a team that focuses on the divorce process in a private and confidential manner, which remains outside the courtroom. The team is composed of clients and their respective attorneys, a neutral mental health professional, and a neutral financial professional. The team meets together every few weeks. Between each meeting, time is available for information gathering and contemplation. Meetings continue until consensus is reached on a marital dissolution agreement and parenting plan. You also have the opportunity anytime to speak “offline” by yourself with your attorney, the neutral mental health professional and/or the neutral financial professional.


Other Services


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For even more information, you can read more about us, find answers to frequently asked questions, or read a sample of our reference booklet Good Financial Decisions in the Face of Divorce which is available on Kindle.

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