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I have lived in Nashville for 20 years, where I graduated from Belmont University with a bachelor of business administration in accounting. My credentials include certified public accountant, certified divorce financial analyst and certified fraud examiner. Additionally, I am a Tennessee Supreme Court Rule 31 listed family mediator and trained collaborative divorce professional.

After working at Deloitte LLP, I started consulting for smaller, local organizations. Eventually, I focused on forensic accounting, which included work with divorce and family attorneys.

In many of these attorneys’ cases, I noticed the clients only recognized the potential for financial ruin three to six months into the process. Other clients did not calculate financial consequences until after the divorce was final.

These clients contemplated divorce with legal counsel. However, they also needed to contemplate their decision with a financial professional. Furthermore, no one had helped them with a long-term, post-divorce budget.

They faced hurdles such as significant debt, unreliable vehicles, and one-bedroom apartments with three adolescent children. Some of them returned to court to sue or counter-sue over delinquent mortgage payments and bankruptcy.

These situations can be avoided with better financial understanding before a divorce has been filed (or, at the latest, before the divorce is final). As you contemplate divorce, you need to understand the potential financial consequences.

I have gone through the pain of divorce myself, and I empathize with your fears. I can help you avoid financial devastation due to divorce, so you can look ahead to a stable, healthy financial future.

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