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Why a CPA for my divorce?


Crescendo PLLC is a public accounting firm based in Nashville, TN which focuses exclusively on divorce and family matters.

The life-changing decision of divorce requires careful contemplation. You should seek competent legal advice, but you should also obtain a competent financial assessment of your situation. At Crescendo PLLC, we emphasize divorce preparation that measures the potential financial consequences.

Attorneys are not financial experts, so their financial advice is usually limited. They guide the legal process, but they cannot speak as well to the possible financial results. Only a CPA can emphasize the possible financial results of your divorce. You need financial orientation before deciding on divorce.




Good Financial Decisions in the Face of Divorce


If you’re unsure about calling for a free consultation, you can also start with Crescendo PLLC’s reference booklet Good Financial Decisions in the Face of Divorce, which is available on Kindle. You can read an excerpt in the previewer below.

As you contemplate divorce, you should acquire legal advice from an attorney and gain awareness of possible financial consequences. This booklet helps start your awareness of divorce-related finances. We explain the nature of many financial questions that will be asked if you do decide on divorce.

Topics covered include the financial affidavit, considerations involving real estate, dividing retirement plans, post-divorce budgeting, items affected by taxation, life insurance, and your last will and testament. The booklet also includes several in-depth worksheets to help guide your information gathering.


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