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David A. Matsumoto, CPA is a Nashville-based accountant who focuses on divorce and family matters – including collaborative divorce, mediation, divorce financial analysis, and litigation support.

Focus on a Healthy Future

Divorce can be the most stressful thing people experience. They want the pain to end, so they rush the process. But rushing leads to unforeseen consequences, and catastrophe may await. The wiser decision is patience. Taking the time for a peaceful, yet lengthier, divorce process and a post-divorce financial plan focuses on a healthy future.

Attorneys are not financial experts, so their financial advice is usually limited. They guide the legal process, but they can’t speak as well to the possible financial results. Only a CPA can emphasize the possible financial results of your divorce. You need financial orientation before finalizing your divorce.

The CPA Approach

My goal is that you maintain your financial security both during and after their divorce. I don’t replace your financial advisor or accountant, but instead I provide specialized navigation on issues specific to divorce and family matters. Several options for this navigation are available, depending on your needs and priorities.

Collaborative Divorce

Collaborative divorce is a client-based approach that relies on respectful problem-solving to reach a mutually beneficial agreement. It concentrates on the needs of the clients and their family, not trying to “win” or “lose” in court. It involves forming a team that focuses on the divorce process in a private and confidential manner which remains outside the courtroom. The team is composed of clients and their respective attorneys, a neutral mental health professional, and a neutral financial professional. The team meets together every few weeks until it reaches a marital dissolution agreement and parenting plan, with information gathering and contemplation between each meeting. You also have the opportunity to speak “offline” by yourself confidentially within your attorney, the neutral mental health professional and/or the neutral financial professional. Read More…


Mediation is a negotiation between the spouses. The spouses and their respective attorneys each convene in separate rooms, and a neutral mediator serves as facilitator between the two rooms. The goal is to negotiate a martial dissolution agreement and parenting plan in a single day. Read More…

Divorce Financial Analysis

Divorce financial analysis focuses on making decisions during the divorce process which will allow for a healthy financial future. It connects the decisions made during divorce to your post-divorce financial picture – in coordination with your attorney, it calculates the tax effects, legal ramifications, and cashflow outlook of the possible options available to you. Read More…

Litigation Support

Litigation support is the CPA’s traditional role during the divorce process. The CPA works alongside one spouse’s attorney to provide financial research and support, which helps the attorney prepare for mediation and courtroom hearings. It frequently also includes more specialized services such as forensics valuation and expert witness testimony.

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David A. Matsumoto, CPA

I am your financial advocate during your divorce. My hope is that you never need to return to the courtroom because of finances. I want to afford you the freedom to truly leave the pain of your divorce in the past.

I have dedicated myself as a CPA who can weigh evidence and assess financial activity. My goal is to verify your divorce is honest and the results are worthwhile.

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Another way to get started is my reference booklet Good Financial Decisions in the Face of Divorce, which is available on Kindle, or the information in our guidance and resources section.

You can also read more about my services and why hiring a CPA early can help reduce your litigation costs, or you may have some frequently asked questions.

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